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Founder Benjamin (Ben, B.S.) Longenecker established the stores in 1927. Ben retired in 1961.

1938-39 Championship jersey with the Orange & Black store colors. Longenecker's sponsored the Junior's team.
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In 1957, brothers Bob (9th St. location) and Jim (Penn St. location) purchased the stores from their father Ben. (pic: is at the Oley Fair, PA.)

Bob Longenecker in front of the second store at 1019 North 9th St. Reading, PA which opened 1929.


529 Hamilton St. store in Allentown, PA (2 Stores).
Opened in 1928 and liquidated in1930. (The Depression)

The first store opened in 1927 on 227 Penn St. Reading, PA. Ben, the founder proudly standing in front of the store.

1019 North. 9th St. store. In 1968 the store relocated to Fifth St. Highway- Muhlenberg Shopping Plaza, Laureldale, PA.


Store in Elizabethtown, PA. opened in 1929 and sold in 1931. (The Depression)

The 227 Penn St. store in 1951. (After a fire in the building on the left.) Notice the sign that was partially destroyed.

Muhlenberg Shopping Plaza Store. In 1988 Bob retired and his son Tim remodeled the business to Longenecker's- Red Wing Shoe Store. The business was sold in 1991.

1938-39 "Champions of Eastern Pennsylvania in junior cup competition, these Muhlenberg soccermen now are hot after the Reading Junior League title..." Bob is third from the left, with hand on the ball.

Remodeled the 227 Penn St. store in 1971 and closed in 1982. During 1980 opened a store in Greenville, SC.

Bob and son Tim in 2004. Tim is currently the proprietor of TPL Enterprises and producer of College Snow Sports News.

Bob's soccer shoes from the late 1930's.
The toes of the shoes are as hard as a safety toe boot and the tacks from the leather spikes came through to the insoles.

In 1980 opened in Greenville, SC which grew to five stores called The Woods. Jim's son Don managed the operations. The business was sold in 1994. Don is currently CFO of Half-Moon Outfitters.

In 2012, Tim Longenecker, grandson of founder, opens a Longenecker's online store.
Photo: Reading Eagle - Lauren A. Little

Benjamin S. Longenecker,
b. 1/29/1899
d. 7/15/1974



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